It's Springtime in Florida

It's a glorious time to be in Central Florida! Glorious, I tell you!

Our city plants the most beautiful foliage on the lamp posts through town:

Darling with the grass hanging down from the baskets, right?

I plan on walking downtown one day while my MIL comes to visit. I'll be sure to take some more photos of how beautiful all the plantings are!

The azaleas are blooming big time right now.

These couple of pics are from the park at the front of our neighborhood. Actually, last week would have been better to photograph the azaleas, as we had some heavy rains the last couple of days that knocked a lot of the blooms off.

You can see some knock out roses in the foreground. Also, in case you didn't know Fall actually occurs in the springtime here. See all the oak leaves on the ground? The new leaves are coming out on the live oaks and they just push the old ones off! I never knew that until we moved here.

This pink tree is a pink tabebuia, also known as a "trumpet tree." (I had to look that one up, y'all!)

SOOOOO stunning!

Wait, let's look at the rest of the yard:


The trumpet tree also comes in yellow:

And sheds its flowers after about two weeks of blooming:

This HUGE tabebuia is in our neighborhood:

Back home, our neighbor's tree is the prettiest shade of spring green:

Our crepe myrtle is pushing out new leaves, and our lemon tree is sprouting new growth. We actually have three blossoms on the lemon tree that smell divine!

The impatiens are really mounding up, and I just split many of our agapanthus. The Asiatic jasmine is taking off, and all our monkey grasses and African irises are going bonkers.

I'm itching to get out there and finish our front beds!

Is it Spring where you are?

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