Brain Dump

Blah. I've been an adult lately, not doing the things I WANT to do, but doing the things I HAVE to do.

So, two weeks ago I got my high blood pressure taken care of. Check it off the list. All it took was some water pills that helped me quickly lose 4 pounds!

Next on the docket this week was taking care of my teeth. Remember THIS POST from almost a year ago when I cracked my front tooth?

Well. It's not good. It's really not good. I'm more than likely going to have the tooth extracted and replaced with an implant rather than getting a crown. It sounds painful. And expensive.

That's not all.

I have another tooth that needs a root canal, probably at the expense of that freakish softball accident 20 years ago. It died a slow death. After the root canal, they'll need to put a crown on it. It sounds painful. And expensive.

That's not all.

I need to have a gum treatment done because of my pockets and a little recession. It sounds painful. And expensive. I know because I've had it done before.

That's not all.

I need to have ELEVEN fillings. ELEVEN, people!

If you need me, I'll be at the dentist for the next three-four months.

Oh, look! A pretty picture!

(flowers in our cute, cute downtown)

What else is going on? After spending two days this week at two different dentists' offices, I also spent two different days sitting at Firestone having work done on my car. At least I had cute company! SJ was so well-behaved while we waited for two hours one day and three hours the next.

Maybe I should have let him cry in the waiting room to speed things up? I'll bring earplugs and try that next time!

In other bad/weird news, there were some terrible storms through Central Florida last week, and lots of rain. We lost a few limbs and a LOT of Spanish moss, but the worst thing was seeing this guy in the backyard:

It's a six-foot long yellow rat snake. My first real sighting besides a small black baby snake and a few flattened dead in the road.

He was likely making his way down to the small orange grove in our neighborhood (I know, weird? for there to be an orange grove in our neighborhood) to find some dinner. BECAUSE IN FLORIDA, orange groves attract RATS.

There's another thing I'm learning about here in the Sunshine State!

Despite all the JUNK going on in my life right now (and in my mouth), I'm feeling really good about where we are (on many levels) and how well our little family is doing. I'm looking for the joy. I'm seeking wisdom. AND I'll have some very exciting news soon about what's been going on in our spiritual life lately.

As soon as I get out of the dentist's chair...


Cindy said...

As a survivor of 5 root canals, 4 crowns, a bridge and a surgical removal of a molar after an abscess......I feel your pain. Your right, it is painful and expensive! I'll be praying for you!!

Abbie said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rough couple of weeks. Hope it all gets fixed and better soon! And as someone who was born and raised in FL, I still hate snakes and will never get used to them. If I were you I would have bought a cat the same day as your sighting so you're way ahead of me! :)

susanv said...

Good grief girl. Too bad you don't live up here. Our next door neighbor is an oral surgeon ... He could get you some deals on all the dental work. I had several cavities after my first two pregnancies, but thankfully, none after the third. Good luck!

Tara G. said...

I hate snakes. seriously, I have the chills looking at that picture. But your grass looks amazing! Ugh- sorry about the dental verdict- just ugh. Looking forward to your update!