Caught him standing up in his crib the other day:

And today he realized that he could cruise around to FINALLY get those pesky lambs!

Hey, ladies! Come and join the party!

Stop the madness. The boy is 10-months-old today.

And with that, June is gone.

Yesterday, I registered AE for kindergarten.

Stop the madness. Stop the madness.

So tomorrow is July. Let the fourth be with you!


Langleys Mom said...

It goes by WAY too fast!! It is madness! :) We just lowered Mason's crib this weekend, because he is trying to pull up and it was making me nervous! Surely he wouldn't fall our at 6 months...but just in case! :) Happy 4th!

Lisa said...

Oh, he is darling!! Stinkin sad that it goes by SO fast.

Avery was asking me today for another baby. Oh, do I wish!