Friends with a Love for Disney

One of the biggest benefits of moving to Central Florida has got to be that it is the place where all of our friends like to vacation.

Our long-time friends, Will and Susan also have three children and often come to our part of the world to vacation at Disney. This visit afforded us a return trip to the Disney Beach Club. Awesome pool. Awesome conversation. Pool side drinks and ordering in dinner!

The big kids:

Claire and AE:

Bathing Beauty!

Love the progression in these photos of the babies!
SJ grabs a handful of sand.

He puts hand to mouth.

Really chows down

Luke asks for some, too!

SJ and The Daddy

Claire and AE spent most of their time playing in the sand.

David took a little time to warm up.

HJ sat in this little lagoon:

We love it when we get to join our friends at a Disney resort for a day of catching up while catching rays at the pool.

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Janelle said...

Hate that we missed y'all this year! Kidani certainly has a great pool area!!