Take Me to the Candy Shoppe...

To kick off the summer, our sweet neighbor, Beth invited the girls to come to a candy shop party at Sassafras. Come inside the tiny and charming store...

Everything and anything you can imagine in here!

 World's largest gummy worm!

 HJ checking out the possibilities

SJ pointing out all the delicious eye-candy, the store is decorated so sweetly!

After checking out the store, we headed into the back room all decked out in dots.

 First the girls played a game involving some delicious and not-so-delicious results.

 They spun the spinner to see which color to pick, and each color could be one of two flavors! 
Can you read the flavors? YUCK!

SJ enjoyed playing with a balloon while the girls played their game.

When he was done with the balloon, he moved onto the Safety Pop!

 Then the girls decorated their candy buckets which contained $3 of "money" to shop in the store.

 Our neighbor's daughter, Peri with AE

 Peri's friend, Sophie with HJ

Peri and Sophie just graduated from 8th grade and were enjoying the beginning of their summer with us. 

 SJ on Safety Pop #2

The shop is decorated with some fun vintage and retro pieces.

 Miss Beth and SJ

 After a candy scavenger hunt through the store, the girls returned to the party room to decorate cupcakes.

 AE's creation

 HJ licked the icing bag right after I took that shot!


 Yes, she ate all those sprinkles and icing!

 Sweet AE got out of school to enjoy the party; she still has class until next Thursday.

 Back to the stroller with his sticky hands!

 The party girls! (And awesome, future babysitters!)

P.S. It's been so long since I posted, that Blogger has totally changed! Whoops!


Tara G. said...

What an awesome place! How fun to have a birthday party there!

Kathy said...

VERY cool store!!