Five Other Reasons to Blog

I've figured out that if I am going to do this right, I'm going to have to change a few things about myself.

1. I have to start taking pictures with a purpose. Too often, I get too engrossed in the event to remember to click.
2. I have to start taking my camera to events rather than relying on others to email their pictures to me.
3. I have to start doing more fun activities with my children. Going to the grocery store does not count.
4. I have to quit hiding in my house. I know it's 95 degrees outside, but we rarely go outside.
5. I have to start doing the things that my children will remember fondly from their childhoods. Creating traditions, ya'll.

If you'll notice, I need to be more active.

I feel like this summer has gotten us into a "routine rut". With the exception of our beach trip, we've been going to church so Mama can work out three times a week. This routine has been great for all of us; I get alone (away from children) time and the kids get social/play time. One thing I know I've been blessed with is two children who love to go to church. They never mind being dropped off in a room as long as there are toys and other children; it's go time for them. The Phillips Phamily Daddy and I laugh about A.E. because she acts like that's where she belongs when she gets dropped off. There is no look back. There is no lingering hand holding. There is not a pause in her step as she typically runs into the room. It's as if she can't wait to get away for her "me" time!

H.J. is as happy as can be in a room full of screamers. She entertains herself while chaos ensues around her. I look forward to seeing her walk into a room and walk back to me when I come to retrieve her. Often enough, she is headed for the door as soon as she sees my face, though. It's a wonderful feeling to see her "dance" when I come to pick her up. Also, she's become so much more vocal in the last few weeks. Sometimes it sounds like a real conversation coming from her lips. Along with the drool.

I've made it five days in a row with a post. Hooray! Here's to making some changes for my family as we get ready to start Mother's Morning Out next week. I'll be sad the exercise classes are over, but now my house will be clean!

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Garrett said...

I love your blog!!! I agree with all your posts and feel like I have your exact life! Your girls are GORGEOUS! much love, Garrett