The Crazy Dog

Bailey's Irish Dream

Didn't you know this post was coming? I've mentioned him before, but now you can put a face to the craziness. We have a beautiful chocolate lab named Bailey. He is six-years-old. For the past six years he has been an incredible pal. He was born on April 5, 2002 (one day before C. and I got married, and coincidentally, on my father-in-law's birthday). Because I used to teach high school, we thought the timing to get him would be perfect. As soon as school got out for the summer, Bailey's Irish Dream (his pedigree name, wink, wink) was ready to leave his birth mama and come home with us. The plan was that since I would be home all day I could be with him 24 hours a day to make sure he was properly trained before it was time for me to go back to work in the fall. After a couple of months, Bailey was really catching on.

One of the funniest things that Bailey learned to do was to stay right next to my side all day long. I figured if he was right next to me, I would know what he was doing. He wouldn't be off in the corner or other room chewing on something or peeing inside. Now, six years later, if you get up to walk to the fridge, he comes with you. If you get up to walk to the bathroom, he comes with you. If you get up to do anything, even if he is dead asleep, he wakes up, and he comes with you. My in-laws can attest to that. They have taken care of him almost every time we've ever been out of town. C.'s mom is an animal lover and would not hear of us taking good ole Bailey to a kennel. Thanks, Nana!

When Bailey was just a few months old, he began having seizures. After a series of blood tests at the vet's office, we put Bailey on a dose of Phenobarbital and kept track of when and how long the seizures were. He would go for periods of time with no seizures at all, then he would have a couple in one week. This pattern has been happening for about six years now, but 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, Bailey had an episode like no other. It was almost 3 hours of in and out of seizures. My husband, as luck would have it, was out on the golf course. Fine if you live on one, but he and his friends got a good deal on a course AN HOUR AWAY. I can take care of him and two kids fine if he has a 5, even 10 minute seizure, but 3 hours of convulsing and salivating (I needed a new pair of shorts when he was done!) at the girls' bedtime was not working! Of course Bailey was fine when Daddy got home.

So this afternoon, I took to heart my post from yesterday and set up a fun-filled activity time in the backyard for the girls after naptime. The pool was full, the sprinkler was set (you don't work for the water people, do you?) and the sand box was uncovered with the umbrella raised and ready for action. Bailey had a different plan. He went into another episode like the one 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. C. was again unavailable due to work issues. Luckily, my awesome, do-anything-for-you in-laws were available to come watch the girls for me so I could take Bailey to the doctor. And that is where he is right now for overnight observation. I am praying he is alright and we'll see his normal doctor tomorrow.

So the pictures of our fun-filled afternoon will come later. H.J.'s a hoot in the pool, and all A.E. wants to do is water the driveway with her watering can with water from the pool. I hope Bailey can sleep tonight on that cold, hard concrete floor, poor thing. And I hope I don't get any calls from the hospital tonight...

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