Fun in the Backyard

So yesterday's plans for getting outdoors and doing something fun happened today! Taking both the girls out to the pool has gotten much less stressful and disorganized than when I first began doing this on my own. I figured out a few tricks-of-the-trade:

1. If H.J. crawls out of the pool repeatedly, it's time for the swing for her until she's ready to stay in and have fun.
2. If Bailey gets in the pool, get him out quickly! Nothing like dog claws tearin' up the family pond!
3. If A.E. won't come inside after all the fun, go ahead and strip the other kid down. Nothing like a contest to see who can get naked faster!
4. Only allow pool time post-naps! Those slow-to-wake kids wake up really fast when posed with the option of doing something F-U-N. Plus, you are less likely to have to apply sunscreen in the late afternoon. Bonus: throw in a bar of soap at the end and call it bathtime. JUST KIDDING.
5. During the aforementioned naps, fill pool with water. Allow water to warm in the sun for the three hour naptime. Nothing like shivering kids in 98 degree weather who won't stay in and HAVE FUN.
6. Assemble all post-pool diapers and attire during naptime. Keep near pool. No need to bring a bunch of wet kids and dog into the semi-clean house.

That's all I can think of...until next our pool day!

***UPDATE*** Bailey is OK. The only sign that something happened to him is the fashionable shavings he got on each of his front legs. I'm sure he was the life of the party over at Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic. Today, I got to meet with Bailey's regular vet, and we discussed adding another medication to Bailey's daily regime. I also learned how to rectally administer valium in the event of another Grand Mal Seizure. F-U-N! Didn't I recently post about F-U-N doctor appointments? hee hee

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