Real Estate

My husband got his real estate license and ever since then (a year and a half ago), I have been addicted to searching for the "perfect" house. That house coincidentally is only $150,000 in my mind with the "best" schools, close to church, shopping, and the interstate. Needless to say, I haven't found it yet. I have found favorite neighborhoods, favorite streets, and even a couple of favorite Realtors. It sounds kind of dumb when I type it, but I even look for decorating ideas!

Overwhelmingly though, there are a lot of houses out there that don't match my idea of a "perfect house". Through peering into the lives of hundreds of people, I have discovered that many live with a very different mindset from me. It's not just the decorating style that's different, it's the thought process. If I were to sell my house, which we did last year, I would make sure the picture is well-lit, free of clutter, makes the room look large, and overall gives the impression of beauty and "I have to have this house." There are so many people out there who don't think like me.

So when I found this blog, it was like coming home to someone who understands my thoughts! It's hilarious and they are extreme examples, but goodness gracious, what are some people thinking???

However, it gets me thinking (owwww, hurting brain). Am I being unrealistic looking for the "perfect" house? One that shows who I am as a mom, decorator (amateur), and person. Do I place too much importance on the way my house looks? I get convicted of that often. The Phillips Phamily Daddy sees me silent, eyes scanning the room, and he's afraid to ask, what next? If my dad is reading, he can attest to my need to "make things pretty." If someone couldn't find something at our house, it was usually because I "put it away," meaning I hid it in a drawer, closet, under the couch. I wanted our house to look like one of those model homes where all is in its neat little place, and I've still got a bit of that in me.

Having children has diluted some of my need to clear clutter and make things look nice. Now I can close the door to the playroom or the kids' rooms and not worry about what still remains on the floor not where it belongs. A.E. is following in my footsteps. According to her, toys belong in certain places and there is a problem when one finds a new place. Maybe three generations from now this syndrome will subside.

So am I looking for real estate or a home? If you do a keyword search of the word "home" in the Bible, there are 237 references. Most references tell of people returning home or going home or finding the homeland. If I focus on what's going on inside my house, not what's in my house will I make it my home? Aren't we all in search of the perfect house: a place you can go after a big event to recoup, a place you can relax, a place you can call home. I'm working on getting to that place where when I come home, I can only see the people inside.

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