MMO-Mother's Morning Out

Tomorrow, A.E. and H.J. start Mother's Morning Out at a church just down the street from us. A.E. is excited to "go to school" and H.J. has no idea. A.E. will be attending two days a week while H.J. will go only on Tuesdays. I'm hoping to accomplish several things while they enjoy play time with new friends: to clean the house on a regular basis, to exercise, to shower (it sounds so simple!), to run errands almost impossible to do with two (and remain sane) and to cook. It seems like I've been running on the "If it's absolutely disgusting, then it's time to clean it" schedule with my household chores! Now, I'm hoping to create a calendar with vacuuming--alleluia!, clothes laundering, toilet scrubbing, and dusting. We've all got to have goals. It's just so sad that my cleaning goals are bringing me such excitement! I'll post pictures of the girls ready for their "first day of school" tomorrow. Who knows? I may shed a tear.

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