Time to Recoup

Left to right: Karen, Kara, Tausha (barely visible), Erica, Laura, Gretchen, PPMama, Mary Taylor, Julie (the guest of honor), Molly, Brandy, Ashley

Kara, Julie, and Erica

Knapper and a 'nightie'

After a fun weekend with my college friends, it was time to return to Georgia where my girls and husband (and don't forget the crazy dog) would welcome me with smiles, kisses, and tail wags. What a sweet reminder that there is always someone worth coming home to! The weekend was full of reminiscing, hot tubbing, eating, sleeping, eating, showering (lingerie for Julie!), eating, sleeping, watching teen drama flicks, eating, go-karting (Yes. I know. We were in Pigeon Forge for goodness sakes!) and naming all the 'nighties' Knapper got for her honeymoon and life as a wife. Can't wait for the wedding in October. Pictures of the go-karting to come!

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