Poopy in the Potty

Time again for a little poop talk. A.E. needed to go poopy, but she didn't really want to go. FOR THREE DAYS. In our household, that's been the norm. We've gone 5-7 days, too. I know. It hurts thinking about it. We've been to the doctor about it. We're doing what we can.

But anyway...I can tell when A.E. has to go. She clenches up and starts to moan. It's so sad. Today, we made her sit on the potty while she watched The Backyardigans and drank juice. It got a little rough and she didn't want to stay on the potty, but she persevered and got the job done! We had a parade, hugs, kisses, calls to Nana and Papa, and a treat (chocolate chip cookies).

In unrelated poopy news, the Phillips Phamily Daddy and I are going to a wedding this evening. I've been looking forward to it since we've kind of gotten out of that phase of our life. It will be fun to see how the young kids are doing it!

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