Been Waiting All Week for This

It's Thursday and I thought it was Friday all day. Good thing it's not Friday because if so, then I would have missed the BEST NIGHT OF TELEVISION!

Speaking of television, my 3-year-old never fell asleep during naptime, but stayed in her room for 2 hours after I left her screaming. After 30 minutes, she resolved herself to "play".

When I walked in to relieve her from her "prison" she was sitting on the new bedside table we bought for her birthday with her feet propped up on the bed. "Bunny" and "Blankie" were sitting on her pillow staring back at her. I asked her what she was doing, alluding to the fact that she was sitting on her new nightstand.

She replied, "Watchin' T.B."

"Oh, really? What's on? The Bunny and Blankie show?"

"No, they're falling asleep. Shhhhhhhhhh."

"Oh. My bad."

So TOMORROW is Friday. Okay. See you then.

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