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So Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, is hosting a nursery tour. Check out her blog to see lots of other nurseries.

We started out north of Atlanta and moved to east of the city, so these pictures are from both locations. That will explain the lack of paint in our new house! Also, we DID NOT know the sex of the baby when we decorated. I totally thought it would be a boy! And then we had two girls.

Both girls have used this nursery. AE our oldest has a big girl room now(full of PINK!), and HJ will be in this room until we add another to our roost. I've held off doing any more to the room until then. I would like to make some cornices for each window and do something creative over the crib. If we have a boy, I would love to add fire-engines and red vintage pickup trucks to the decor.

Here's the daddy-to-be putting together the crib in 2005.

In this picture, you can see the The Daddy's beautiful paint job! We also had crown molding put in.

I eventually got another sheer for the window and a bookcase for the corner.

Here is AE in her crib-not the best picture, but you can see the wonderful closet organization system courtesy of The Daddy's parents.

The Daddy got this cow from a client at Chick-fil-A. I included this picture because you can see the crib skirt-Burberry plaid-the inspiration for the whole room.

Here's an up close shot of the crib sheet and bumper. My darling friend, Claudia made the bumper and skirt for me.

The Daddy's mom cross-stitched this sweet saying for us. I hold it dear to my heart because my mom was an avid cross-stitcher and I know she would have made something for her girls, too. We used to have it in the hall outside AE's room, but now we have it in the nursery in our new house.

Humpty-dumpty sat on some books-from a local antiques shop. Shug the Pup once belonged to Bobby Dodd Jr. according to the inscription inside the cover.

Sweet lamb done by local artist and horse-drawn milk truck from Christine's.

Two fun "antiques" I picked up at Christine's in Woodstock.

I found this pewter plate at the same antique store that I found my OLD copy of Aesop's Fables (pictured under Humpty). The little red table came from that antique store, too.

These silhouettes belong to my brother and me when we were children. I would like to have AE's and HJ's done as soon as either one can sit still long enough!

I love the crib! It just looks better with the crib skirt on and the mattress all the way up. HJ's too big now, so we'll just have to have another baby so we can see it all pretty once again!

I found this fun painting at the last-ever antiques show at Lakewood in Atlanta.

I found this sweet drawing in a magazine from when my mom was brought home from the hospital. I think her birth certificate was in the front of the magazine. It was the kind of thing they sent mothers home from the hospital with that had tips on mothering. There was even an ad for buying war bonds in it!

These two lamps used to be in the dining room, but when we purchased the bookcase, I decided they would look better here.

C.'s mom bought the bunny book ends from the LL Bean catalog. My friend, Leigh Ellen, bought the sweet series of books for AE

LOVE this bookcase! HJ knows how to turn on the tunes on her radio. The teddy on the top shelf was mine growing up.

My dear friend, Lou Lou from Pack of Ramseys, made this memory board for us. She ingeniously monogrammed our last initial so we could use it for all our babies. Also because we didn't have name because we didn't know the sex the first time around. Look for the photos of her nursery. She had a baby boy!

My favorite spot in the nursery. This glider is the ultimate in comfort! Also, I think the toile will go well somewhere else in our house once our babies are grown.

Here's HJ in the glider. The Daddy's mom made the red blanket by hand.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour. My best tip is to shop, shop and shop some more until you find things you love. Don't be afraid to go somewhere you normally wouldn't shop. Also, find things from your family to make the room special and a legacy to your children.


Danielle said...

So super cute. This is so much fun looking at all these nurseries. My mother in law has that same silver plate.

Jen said...

I love the colors of your nursery! I can see why you said you like nurseries that don't look like nurseries! :) I like the fact that it looks a bit more mature, and that the furniture could be used later elsewhere. That was behind our decision to have a taupe glider/recliner in Caroline's room. I'd like to add some more stuff to her walls, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Surprising how much time a 9-week-old takes, huh? :) Your girls are beautiful!

Marci said...

Your girls are darling, and the rooms are beautiful. I love all the red. Very Pretty. I love your decor. Thank you for sharing with us.

Jaime Melcher said...

What sweet rooms for your kids. I especially love the framed cross-stitch project from your mother in law & the vintage magazine picture. :)

Jennifer said...

I am visiting from Kelly's blog. Beautiful room!! I'd love to see your oldest daughter's room. We are redoing my daughter's room now and I'm gathering all sorts of ideas. :)

meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Wow, everything is so beautiful!! I love the paint job with the stripes, and you found so many wonderful additions. I'm excited about the glider, and like you, got fabric that could be used elsewhere in the house. Happy 18 month birthday to Harper!

Laura Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your girls are too cute. I find out on Thursday if I will be having another girl or a boy. Your nursery is beautiful and timeless. I love everything you chose.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. Your nursery is lovely as well.

Harris Family said...

You nursery is beautiful! I LOVE the stripes. I think I am going to do that, too!

Sommer Cornett Postlethwaite said...

Come decorate my house. I have tons of ideas but no ooomph to carry them thru. lol. I am in the process of painting the girls room in stripes but of course they are wanting purple ones:)

Post pics of Ansley's room

New England Gal said...

Great job and I love how Burberry was the inspiration! That is something that I would pick.
I also love all the vintage touches to it!

Heather said...

I love these rooms, they are so pretty! I love the stripes and the color on the walls!! You have done a great job!

Tara G. said...

Oh my goodness- how pretty! I love the accessories! My children have that same series of books; my oldest had the one about God memorized at age 2.