So I Took a Day Off...

This weekend went just as planned: we vegged out, slept in until 8:40, went to Wal-mart, bought some Minnie Mouse panties, played at the playground, ate Five Guys, watched some football, cried about football, went to Sunday School and church, went to the pumpkin patch, ate Cici's pizza, went to Wal-mart again, bought some more pink paint, visited with Nana and Papa and returned home to a hungry dog.

So relaxing!

Today at the pumpkin patch, we were walking through the parking lot, and A.E. shouted, "A clue, a clue!!!"

This is what she saw on an SUV:

It was a local high school magnet for the Chattahoochee Cougars! Funniest moment of the weekend. That's my girl, always lookin' for a clue!

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