Pump It Up/Excuse My Pun'/Requisite Pumpkin Patch Visit

Welcome to Berry Patch Farms!

On the hayride

Tiny little pumpkins

So sweet

Mama and H.J.

H.J. scaring the boys to death--note vein popping out of her neck!

A.E. and Brodie- forever friends

Seven little pumpkins-
L to R- Dylan, Claire, A.E., Mary Alice, Brodie, H.J., and Avery

Lauren and A.E. contemplating life and cotton

The Sister Shot

NOT a happy H.J.

Driving home

Going night-night!


Lisa said...

That's about the best I can do with sister shots, too. Looks like you had a blast.

The pictures of your nursery are just amazing! I'm so glad now that I did not participate in the tour.

Since our nursery often doubled as a guest room, it was not nearly as precious. Plus, you clearly have some talent! Very special.

Garrett said...

Isn't that place so nice ! Not too overwhelming, just the right size and enough to do. I want to go back and get our tree there for Christmas. Precious pictures! You are such a good blogger. I have been a slacker! Love, GArrett