Isn't she clumsy?

I am clumsy.

Today I hit my head on the corner of a wall, people.

I'm thinking, "Why???? Why, God, do I have to be soooooo clumsy?"

I mean, I stood there steaming about the fact that I hit me head. Every time I goof, I say, "Man, why am I so stinking clumsy?" Today, I looked at myself in the mirror while I was asking this question and I started to laugh. Why so funny? I just thought, "What if I hit my head/drop something/spill on my shirt, pants, dress/trip every time I'm not going the way God wants me to go?"

For real. I was thinking, God just pulls the carpet out from under me to make me trip to get me to stop my train of thought. God just drips a few greasy stains onto my shirt to change my direction. To humble me. To get through to me.

Really? That's what came to me today. I'm just saying.

Then I remembered how perfect everything is going to be in heaven. I saw on TV recently a woman who had a stroke and lost all her memory. From start to stroke, she had NO RECOLLECTION of who she was. The funny part was she thought it was extremely freeing. She had to relearn how to walk, talk and feed herself, but she also lost all her emotional baggage. All that junk we carry around with us. Wow! What a perspective.

When I saw her speak about this, it made me think that that's how it might be in heaven. We're lightened by a lack of memory of our former lives. Right now we are cleansed and forgiven, but in heaven it won't weigh on us. Wow!

I am relieved that when I get to heaven, I will no longer suffer this infirmity.

This begs the question: Would Jim Carrey be as funny up in heaven???

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