She's Got the Look

So, this weekend we've been working on a new look for the blog. I'm waiting for a special occasion to get really fancy with the cute background, buttons and whatnot. I think these colors look better with the sepia toned photos. A little more me!

We've also been working on security. Didn't really think it would be an issue, but I got a little paranoid today.

We've had a relatively uneventful weekend. Last night I went to "scrapbook" with some friends. I did not scrap. I brought some fabric and my new heirloom bishop patterns to make some smocked, long sleeve, fine-wale corduroy dresses for the girls. I didn't bring tissue paper big enough to copy the patterns so I can reuse the pattern, so....I just happened to have a pattern for a jumper in H.J.'s size. I'll post pics as soon as I'm done. MOTIVATION!

I also ate last night like I had not eaten in years. Yuck. I'm heading down to the pit to run soon.

Today the Phillips Phamily Daddy went to meet some men from our Sunday School class for breakfast and got an oil change. Then we went to the playground, drove through the McDonald's and watched our kids eat like paint drying.

Just as I was about to walk out the door to attend a fun sale some girlfriends were hosting, A.E. threw up because she was crying and throwing a fit about some french fries that got tossed because she wasn't eating fast enough. I stayed home and helped clean up, but not without a poor attitude. Boo.

We watched some football. C. changed a tire on my car. (Issues!)

Not a lot going on compared to many of our recent busy weekends. Tomorrow we are going to a party for some friends of ours in Sunday School. I'm excited to have all our kids get together and eat some fun grub.

Any opinions on the new look? Security for your kids? Your own stories of paranoia? Sewing? Smocking? Vomit clean up? Bad attitudes?


Felicia said...

I like the new look! And I think you're right, the sepia tone pics look much better with this background.

I know that I certainly don't do all things with a loving attitude for Hubby & Daughter. What can I say...I'm definitely a work in progress.

AmandaHoyt said...

I like the new look too!
We also tightened security around here recently. You just never know...
I hope you're having a great day today.
Hugs and prayers,