To Be Thankful

For the past several years, my in-laws have graciously taken in me, my father, and my brother for Thanksgiving. It usually is the one time of year where my family is all together. I am spoiled enough to only have to bring the girls and an appetizer, and I almost always bring artichoke dip. It's kinda fall-ly. Our menu was packed and our bellies were delighted as always. Here's a list of what we enjoyed:
  • Deep-fried turkey
  • Dressing
  • Sweet potato casserole with a brown sugary topping
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Carrots au gratin (a new addition, me-likey)
  • Cranberry and Apple casserole with an oatmeal crunchy topping
  • Sister Schubert's rolls
  • Cranberry butter
  • Cranberry gelatin mold with a hint of orange
  • The Relish tray- green olives and gherkins
  • Cabbage salad
  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie with fresh cream (yum)
  • Candy corn cupcakes

I might still be stuffed!

A.E. in her Thanksgiving regalia

H.J. having a pre-feast snack

Nana, A.E., Uncle Matt-Matt, Memaw

My dad, also known as Poppy, me, and H.J.

Uncle Matt-Matt and A.E.

Today I got to go shopping with my brother. We hit IKEA and Atlantic Station. I had a gift card to West Elm that had been burning a hole in my pocket for almost a year! Uncle Matt-Matt bought himself a dresser for his bedroom at IKEA to match his bed. I don't think he's ever come to visit us without going to IKEA! Matt-Matt (the girls call him) and I returned to a house ready to be decorated.

I've got a lot of work to do and I can't wait to share. We changed our header again for the season. Check it out!

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Lisa said...

What fun! Yay for family...especially when both sides can be together.