Christmas In NYC

The Mama and a Nutcracker

I think it would be a lovely idea to take a bunch of these pictures of holiday decorations, turn them into black and whites, blow them up, frame them in simple red frames and display them at Christmas time. I just might do that. Next year.

Big Red Balls

We rode the subway once. Here's where we got on.

Didn't see the show, but it's an icon.

The Daddy in Columbus Circle

The Mama in Times Square (with who knows what kind of deal going down behind me!)

A gingerbread display in our lobby

Thanks to the Coca-Cola Racing Family for making my trip possible! If you've ever wondered what The Daddy does, he organizes and creates these kinds of marketing promotions for Coke specifically for NASCAR events.

The Rockefeller Center Tree BEFORE

And AFTER (A rare photo of the two of us together, thank you Scandinavian women!)



2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Oh so beautiful! I'm really into gingerbread this year, so I had to look at that one close up! My brother works for Pepsi ... think we could be the friend form of Romeo and Juliet?!

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

My dad is a Pepsi drinker, so we always joke that my husband will get fired if we buy it!