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The First Trip Around

The Second Trip Around

If you don't live in Atlanta, this is what we're talking about when we say, "We're taking the girls to ride The Pink Pig." There's a whole history lesson behind The Pink Pig and its several locations and configurations. I didn't grow up here, but I'm told that the ride used to be on top of the Rich's Department store, now Macy's, in the downtown location. There is an actual car from the original ride that you can see on the current ride, now located on the parking deck of the Lenox Mall Macy's enclosed in a HUGE white tent.

The ride is basically a pink train with the front car shaped like a big ol' pig head. Our family was lucky enough to get the awesome photo op in the lead car. H.J. wasn't so sure this year, but as you can see in the photos, she warmed up to the idea as soon as the train pulled out. There are old pictures displayed on the ride, Christmas trees, pink strobe lights that like to have blinded me and my young en's, and lots of other pink things. Pigs mostly. After our ride on the Pink Pig, we headed to see Santa over at Phipps Plaza, across the road.
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susanv said...

The girls' dresses are cute. Did you make them? I am super-impressed if you did! I cannot picture smock yet. I hope to take a class soon.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I am really curious, after reading a couple of your posts, what this pink pig tradition is? I'm a Hoosier, so I have no idea.