Christmases Past

Every year for Christmas, we have taken A.E. and eventually, H.J. to see the Santa at Phipps Plaza. It's a luxury because you can make an appointment online. In October. Last year, we still had to wait awhile and ended up with THIS CLASSIC PICTURE:

I think Santa was tickled!

A.E. the year before in 2006

A.E.'s first visit as a 3-month-old

I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's picture will turn out like! Who will cry? A.E. promises she won't. We'll see...


susanv said...

Wow! A looks a lot like H in that 2006 photo.

susanv said...

Oh yeah ... I am jealous too that you can make an appt to see Santa. We always have to wait in line ... forever.