Imagine That!

So we headed downtown yesterday with Nana and Papa to the Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta. 

AE driving the tractor

HJ sliding down a banana peel slide

AE and HJ accepting a shipment of foods ready to go down the conveyor belt

AE operating a forklift

AE really loved tinkering with the life-size tinker toys

HJ fishing

AE and HJ donned raincoats to avoid getting soaked

Two crazy girls in the tree house

AE cooking in the castle

Preparing bread

HJ getting in on the food preparation

Serving Mama on her throne

HJ's turn to serve

Mama enjoying some medieval grub

That raincoat didn't protect HJ so well!

HJ and Papa settling in for story time

AE was brave enough to pet the bird, while HJ was not

Making a Valentine's Day craft

Playing in the moon sand with Nana

A mound of sand before lunchtime

We had a blast and I enjoyed our family time together! Having three adults to watch over two children made the morning a lot less stressful. It's nice when you outnumber the little ones!


JanMary said...

What a luxury to outnumber the kids :)

Looks like a fantastic museum - our nearest equivalent here in Belfast would be W5.

Todd and Randi said...

Looks like fun! We're going to have to start making some trips to the big city.