You Spoke

Wow. An overwhelming 17 people voted in our first poll! I'm not being sarcastic; I'm pretty excited. 

Summary of results:

  • 10 folks agree with this mama (last one up gets the job)
  • 3 folks love each other enough to do it together
  • 3 folks are traditional and think the wife should do it
  • 1 lucky soul all the way from Northern Ireland has a husband who insists!
I was asked what sparked this question; did we have an issue in our house? No, not really. Sometimes The Daddy does it. At least he did the day after the poll was published! Most days I do it while the girls are napping. I usually do it just to feel like I accomplished something that day! 

Today I am washing the sheets, so the bed is naked. Looking forward to a night in a crisply made, freshly ironed, sheeted bed!


JanMary said...

I need to say my dh insists because "I don't do it well enough"!!!

But hey....I am not complaining - one less job for me :)

There are some benefits to being married to an (almost) perfectionist!

JanMary said...

Oh - I should have added - I am the lucky one from Northern Ireland!

Lori said...

okay... did you say FRESHLY IRONED??? you are my hero! :o)