Phriday Photos

With Easter coming up, we've been honing our egg gathering skills. Notice how artfully the eggs are "hidden". HJ's birthday is on Easter this year, so we're hosting a small hunt for a party. Girls, ready, steady, go!


Renae said...

blessings to you for having the privelege to stay at home and be with those precious girls. I agree with PVE, get up before your girls, and have some time to yourself, read some inspiration for the day, shower and have coffee! You will be ready to tackle the day! When my were young I made sure bedtime was 7:;30 to have some time in the evenings!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Where in Atlanta are you? I am in Canton! And where do you go to church? I go to Apostles on I=75,

Hang in there, your girls are adorable!

The Harris' said...

Oh no! I better get the boys in the game :-). They can't be shown up by 2 girls!!