Come on baby, I said I'm sorry...

I know.

I've been neglecting you,


I'm sorry.

Just know that if I'm not posting, one of these few things or all might be happening:
  1. The Daddy is out of town- He was for five days.
  2. Mama is in party preparation mode- I am for Saturday.
  3. We're having out of town guests- My dad AND my brother (and it's not even Thanksgiving!)
  4. I'm not motivated to tell you what's going on.
  5. Not much interesting has happened.
I do have lots on my mind, but I'll have to release it all later. Until then, I'm sorry. So sorry.

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Lou Lou said...

that's funny- I was just thinking last night that your bloggies haven't heard from you in a while. I even actually clicked on your blog to make sure my reader was working!