This Season's JUNO

Dear HJ-

So you're two.

So you're not a BABY anymore.

But you'll always be our baby.

You have the most infectious laughter.
You have the blondest hair.
You have the silliest expressions.
You have the funniest stomp/walk.
You make us smile, 
and you are learning new things so quickly now.
You are not a baby anymore.

When you cry, your face turns bright red in 2 seconds.
When you say "cheese," 
your little face scrunches up and looks so cute.
When you have an opinion, it's usually "no."
When you talk, you have the sweetest little Minnie Mouse voice.
You are not a baby anymore.

You have our hearts right in the tight grip of your hand. 
Don't you EVER let go.

No matter how hard we try to keep you young, 
you're not a baby anymore.

My Favorite Shot of the Day- 
HJ watching The Daddy "hide" Easter eggs in the back yard

Getting a Little Sugar from Mema While Eating a Little Sugar

I love this picture. Wraps up my dad, Poppy, in a nutshell. Seriously explaining something to Nana, while HJ looks on bewildered! Nana is such a good listener. 
I wonder what he was talking about?

I also love how Nana is sitting on a child's sized chair! 
She's so petite!

Poppy reading one of HJ's new books to AE

More Sugar from Nana

Blowing out the candles- the second attempt after someone else blew them out the first time around! Hmmmmmm....

Pure joy!

More joy: HJ cooed and awed over each of her presents. This was a "computer" from Nana. Big sis likes it as well, even though she has her own 3-year-old version.

The Whole Family- minus the crazy dog locked up in the master bath, barking like crazy the entire party.


Sherry said...

What great shots! YOu have a beautiful family! :D

Todd and Randi said...

Too cute! I can't believe my two are right behind her.

Shannon said...

So cute!!! Great family picture!

pve design said...

It goes fast, so it is wonderful to embrace each moment. Celebrate and bark like crazy! Thanks for your kind comment!