A Day in Auburn

The four of us went to Auburn for the Spring football scrimmage today.

AE met Aubie

HJ met someone else...

she looked up to...

I have no idea how these are used other than

to thrill and entertain my girls.

AE wanted a pink and purple shaker and was disappointed when she didn't get one.

HJ slept on the drive down and remained a happy camper all day.

And this Mama enjoyed seeing her girls getting some precious time with The Daddy in his favorite place on Earth after eating his favorite BBQ on Earth. The girls even enjoyed a few bites of Byron's. We got to meet up with some good friends and enjoy the perfect Spring weather today as well.

I think The Daddy was sad to leave The Plains this afternoon, but the crazy dog was ecstatic at our return.

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TB said...

Hi! I'm enjoying your blog, just doing some late night catch up reading. My hubby is a big Auburn fan, you can imagine that is somewhat interesting at times considering we live in Tuscaloosa, AL!!!! :)
War Eagle!? Roll Tide!??