Uh, I Really DO Sew...

So the other day when I clicked on the category that said, "Sewing" I was surprised. I was sure I had showed you some things I've done around the house or for the girls! In the ONE post under sewing, there wasn't even a picture! I just TALKED about sewing. For one brief second.

Although come to think of it, you HAVE SEEN a few of my other projects. Like these dresses here. And these dresses here. And a close up of a dress here.

When asked if I can sew, I usually say, "I have done it before" because I am NO SEAMSTRESS. I have plenty of friends who have done so many cute things like curtain panels, pillows, duvet covers, dresses, john-johns, roman shades, and the list goes on...

So here is my latest project:
It's a table runner: the easiest project in sewing!

Notice how I've highlighted our GORGEOUS and LIGHTLY DISTRESSED kitchen table courtesy of the crazy dog. It's surely my fault for leaving the girls' uneaten dinners on the table in the afternoons and then proceeding to take them for a "sanity walk." Oh, you don't know about sanity walks? 

A sanity walk occurs when the girls aren't eating much of their dinners. We get up from the table. We get in the stroller with drinks and snacks that they'll actually eat. Then I push them around the neighborhood until I get my sanity back. 

So in the heat of insanity brought on by my little food strikers, I tend to leave the plates full of food in place on the kitchen table. Open invitation for the crazy dog to strike. 

So all those "distress" marks are courtesy of his front paws. I have considered placing the plates on the other end of the table to "even out" the damage. If there are "distress" marks ALL OVER THE TABLE v. JUST TWO SIDES, maybe it'll look intentional?

Soooooo, the table runner is reversible. I made it with leftover fabric from AE's big girl room in our old house. When we moved here, I started over with a more logical pink. Just about finished with her room. We can take a tour when it's done. I promise. 

Here's a tour of the nursery where HJ currently resides. Next month is the beginning of her big girl room transition. You know, since she's TWO now. I've got a couple of BIG projects planned for her room, so stay tuned. For the next two or three months!

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michael moebes, esq. said...

You should buy your fabric from my wife's online store, then!