Bite on This

There comes a certain time in a three-year-old's life when a trip to the dentist must take place. We prepared. We read books. We practiced saying "AHHHHHHHH!" We were excited.

AE was totally cooperative. She was actually thrilled to be there. Who wouldn't be thrilled with two stickers, sunglasses, a princess movie, a new bracelet and bag full of toothbrushes and floss to take home?

HJ kept saying, "MY dentist" because she wanted to see him just like her big sister. Then she actually did. The pediatrician was concerned about the way HJ's bottom teeth were coming in, but he said they were normal. 

Here's AE anticipating the dentist's arrival for the pre-cleaning meet and greet

Little girl in a big chair

Little girl with a BIG toothbrush

Little girl with her hygienist--looking so cool in the shades!

Bad mommy blogger didn't get a picture of AE with the dentist. I was too distracted when I found out my THREE-YEAR-OLD has a cavity! We'll be back to see the doctor in June and then we'll find out how much she liked seeing the dentist. 

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Kari Beth said...

i'm incredibly weird and really enjoy going to the dentist! even when i have to get work done...i know!

and, doesn't every 3-year old have cavities? pretty sure its hard to avoid unless you want to deprive them of every sweet, enjoyable thing :)