Catching Our Breath

Since I haven't been posting much of what's really been going on, I thought tonight I'd catch you up to speed on our family's crazy life lately. 

If you've been following us on Twitter you'd know a few tidbits, but basically The Daddy's been on a cross-country motorcycle tour with this guy. Thankfully he wasn't driving a motorcycle, he was driving a Coke truck to refresh the band of merry bikers raising money for this great camp. He left us on the 6th and returned on the 17th. That's a mighty long time to be without The Daddy. In order to survive being The Mama on my own, I developed a little plan of attack to make the time go by, well, quicker. 

He left on a Wednesday. We packed up and drove to Poppy's on Friday. BAM! Three days down.

We stayed with Poppy from Friday to the NEXT Wednesday...BAM! There goes another five days. 

(OK wierd, but my keyboard batteries just went dead and I couldn't type for two seconds. Yes, just two seconds because this Mac is just so simple to work with! Love this computer!)

Sorry, then once we were back on home turf AE enjoyed MMO that Thursday while HJ and I did laundry and packed for the girls' fun weekend with Nana and Papa. Oh yes. I have amazing in-laws who take the grands for the weekend. 

And what did I do? I went home to Nashville for a little bachelorette fiesta-really, a whole weekend-long celebration. We're talking sushi, brunch at The Belle Meade Plantation, nail salon time, lingerie party craziness, limo riding with Steve/Kevin, club hopping (ha, not exactly), picture taking and bull riding. Oh, and breakfast before leaving town. If you've been following me on Twitter, YOU'D KNOW IF I RODE THE BULL! (or if we're friends on facebook.)

Coincidentally, The Daddy was in Nashville Friday night, so I got to hang out with him after my delicious sushi at Virago. We went over to a favorite place on mine in Nashville, Big River and this man shook my hand. The next morning, I saw HIM, but I didn't say hello. Then I was introduced to this fellow. It was a great reunion with The Daddy, but then he was on the road again and I went running down The Boulevard

Coincidentally, my dad was in town and my brother-not so coincidentally-lives in Nashville. We all met at the Pfunky Griddle in Berry Hill. It was an interesting concept: hibachi for breakfast. Each table has its own built-in griddle. You cook your own pancakes, french toast or eggs! Fun, but I ordered the biscuits and gravy, and then I cooked my own over-easy egg. I don't cook pancakes. The Daddy does it in our house and he does it to perfection!

So all this to say...The Coke 600 is this weekend, and guess what? The Daddy will be there. If you haven't guessed, he does a lot of work with Coke and NASCAR. So just as soon as we got him back, he's off again. Whew. Just catching our breath here. 

But I've got a line up ready for this weekend. Really, I do. 

Tomorrow: MMO
Friday: Play group and possibly dinner with the grands and great grands
Saturday: SLEEPING IN and a Sip and See for Baby Ruthie
Sunday: Church and an overnighter in Elijay, GA at Nana and Papa's mountain house (yes, we have it THAT good-the beach at Poppy's and the mountains with Nana and Papa. AND yes, I know just how blessed we are!)
Monday: Hoping The Daddy makes it back early to celebrate PawPaw's birthday with Uncle Jerry

Seriously, I'm prepared. What do you do to make it through when your mate is off the radar?

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