Following The Leader

The weekend in pictures:

Hiking to Amicalola Falls

Papa and Nana came, too.

Close to the top!

Before the hike, we learned who to avoid: this rattlesnake and 

this cotton mouth.

Checking out the poisonous ones

There's bears in them woods!

Watch out behind you!


Almost a frog!

See the little legs?

This one was close to frogginess.

So pretty! My favorite shot of the day

Loved this one of the tree!

Praying or hiding?

Ready to start hiking!

Very close to the "beginning" or "end" of the Appalachian Trail

Lots of daddy longlegs to watch out for

Carry a 2-year-old to increase your calorie burn!


Who's having fun?

I am now!

Big tree

The Daddy's got some photog skills!

175 stairs later: she hides behind Mama!

The Falls

The girls and The Daddy

Jake stayed back at the mountain house. He belongs to Nana and Papa.

The Crazy Dog roaming the grounds.

Bailey watches over HJ as she heads to the playhouse.

Just hanging out waiting for the butterflies

Before bedtime, we did this.

The girls ate their marshmallows "raw" instead of "dirty".

I ate mine like this. Yes, this one's the favorite shot of the day. 

We had an impromptu trip to Elijay, GA and relaxed together as the heat sizzled in Atlanta. Looking forward to getting back up to the mountains for The Fourth of July festivities. Like any good time away, reality rears it's ugly head. Back to exercising, errand running, grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning. 


Lindy said...

I love the falls. My family has a cabin in Ellijay too! Walnut Mountain to be exact. I love going up there!

Tennille said...

Love those pictures- the little ones are too cute!!

Lisa said...

Amazing pictures! Our family has a cabin in Maine that is not very far from Mt. Katahdin...its beautiful up there, too. I can see why someone who likes to camp and is not afraid to stay in a place with no street lights would be drawn to the adventure of hiking the whole trail.