This is the Week

This week our church did VBS in a very different way. We divided up into 12 teams and went to remote locations throughout Cobb County, Georgia. We met in public parks and the fields of elementary schools. We did VBS as an outreach to the community instead of staying huddled in our own little "Christian bubble."  

It was a mission trip in our own backyard
(Click HERE to see where we went.)

We met people we likely would not have met otherwise.

Kids were not required to pre-register.

We had no idea who would come. 

BUT He did. 

The first day I worked with 3 first graders.

The second day I worked with 4 first graders.

The third day I worked with 7 first graders.

Today I hugged and said goodbye to 5 first graders.

This is the week that...

the ironing didn't get done,

the toilets didn't get cleaned,

The Crazy Dog got zero walks,

the girls got a little less sleep,

we didn't go to the pool, 

no books were read before nap time,

and Mommy took a nap just like the girls. 


But what did happen?

I have learned to be a servant.

I have learned how to talk to a child about Jesus.
I have learned how to dance and do sign language without feeling like an idiot.

I have learned to sweat gracefully in the name of the Lord.

I have learned how to answer a child's questions about God.

I have learned how to worship God somewhere other than inside church on a Sunday morning.

I have learned to speak proudly and intelligently about my faith.

I have learned that we really ARE a body of Christ and that we each play a role in life.

I have learned that I am the hands.

I have learned my energy and example will be followed.

I have learned to be grateful for MY story as I use it to create another's. 

I have learned that I need to treat my own children with the same servant attitude that I used with my "kids" this week. 

I have learned VBS wasn't just for the kids in our community this week.


Anonymous said...

You really convicted me! I also helped with VBS this week but my heart wasn't always in it b/c it was difficult with a baby (his nap schedule was messed up, ect..) But what does that really matter!? Thanks for your words, they were a powerful reminder to me about what is really important.

Tara G. said...

I grew up in a Christian home, but it was when I attended a neighborhood Backyard Bible Club that I accepted Christ. What treasures your heart has stored up this week!

JanMary said...

Great lessons learned. We don't quite have VBS here, but we have similar things. For the next two weeks our kids will attend CSSM - on the beach! Bible stories, crafts, gmaes and fun - it is the highlight of their year.