Toot Toot

That's the sound of me tooting my own horn! 

I am a winner. I won. 

What did I win? Hmmmmmmm.

Oh, that's right. The Crazy Dog is the real winner.

I won a CUTE new collar for The Crazy Dog from LuckyFiona.

Oh, you know you want one! After perusing the selections, I know my favorites, but The Daddy is afraid our boy dog will look too girly

I'm not afraid. No, I am not!

I'm partial to The Orange Creamsicle

Remember, I'm from Tennessee and The Daddy's an Auburn fan, so I think that might be a good compromise! Can't you just see The Crazy Dog with his shiny chocolate fur against the cuteness of that collar? I thought so!

Thanks again, Lindy!


Lindy said...

You're Welcome! I love it! Mr. has that same collar in blue. He looks very handsome and not at all sissy, so I think The Crazy Dog will be safe. My all time favorite collar is The Lotus though. Good choice! You will have to post a picture of The Crazy Dog in his collar.

Lori said...

love it! btw, how did you get to be the BIG winner anyway... maybe I missed something somewhere on your blog! great to see you this week!