Very Big Sisters

VBS this week has tired out these two...

sisters. I love how HJ looks just as big as AE!

I also love...

the looks on these sweet sisters' faces!

I'm serving with friends at VBS for our church this week. I'll update you later with tales from our adventure because we've taken VBS OUT of our church and INTO the community at 12 satellite locations. 



In 92* weather.

It's called HOT-lanta for a reason. 

So after I'm done with my little detoxification program (aka sweating my hiney off!), I'll give all the glorious deets and fun stories about my girls experiencing the traditional VBS back at church (the preschoolers are still meeting inside the blessed air conditioning) and my first experience doing a local mission trip. 

I'm off to wash my sports bra for another day of spreading the Word!


Lindy said...

Congratulations on volunteering with VBS! Our church is doing it this week too. Your girls are so precious!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Those girls of yours are too cute!!
Have a great week at VBS and try to stay cool :)
We have 101 degree temps this week - wow - how can it even get that hot???
Take care,