Real Life Sometimes Ain't Pretty

Our darling three-year-old had a cavity.

Here she is post-filling. A little woozy.

Trying to smile. More like a snarl.

AE was a real trooper. She went to the chair all by herself "because she is a BIG girl" while I stayed in the waiting room with HJ. Once all was said and done, she got two stickers, a swollen cheek/mouth/eye and a pink bracelet. Now that we've conquered the dentist, I've got no worries for this little one. 


Lindy said...

She is so cute! What a trooper!

JanMary said...

What a brave little girl. My daughters won't go in on their own, and they have never even had a filling!

Amanda Hoyt said...

What a cutie! So sorry she had to get a filling!

emilyosburne said...

Love the snarl!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

She's so Elvis. I hate that it took dental work to get that cute look!