A Happy Accident

In the world of two- and three-year-old kids, the word "accident" is not a welcome one.

Upon returning home last Friday after a post-nap swim in 1-ft of water, we got the girls in their pajamas even though they still had about an hour and a half before the clock tolled for bed. Bedtime came, and we forgot to change AE into her bedtime pull-ups. Whoops!

Also, bedtime came, and we forgot to have AE go potty before she laid down to sleep! Double whoops!

At 11:00 I went to wake her up to go potty. In true Daddy fashion, she seemed like she was awake, but I could tell she had NO IDEA what was going on. So this Mama did what any mother would do in the situation: I pulled her underwear down and sat that little girl on the potty. AND SHE WENT! More than half asleep and she went!

The next morning I went in at 7:30 to check on her and she was awake just chilling like always. I told her to look down and see her underwear. She got the biggest smile on her face and said, "That means I'm a big girl now!"

We're pretty proud of her with the long road we've been on with the potty training. I mean, I have 12 posts on potty talk. Come on people! 

Now it's time for HJ to hop on the train. 

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Tara G. said...

I SO feel your pain. Really, I do. It's worse with boys. I have potty posts, too.