A Change of Scenery

Travel up Lee Highway in Bristol and you'll find its namesake:

I thought the way the old motel was grown over and dilapidated had some symbolism going on.

Love the colors! That BLUE! 

Go a little further and found a charming drive-in theater.

I remember in AE's baby book it asked for some current movies to encapsulate the day she was born. Here's two to help Tausha remember what was current on her wedding day.

It looks a little lonely up on that hill, 

but these shots would shine in black and white blown up!

Love the star details; I wonder if they twinkle at night?

Kinda romantic, eh?

Then we drove into Abingdon and found a prime parking spot despite the opening weekend of The Virginia Highlands festival.

The historic Barter Theatre once allowed its patrons to bring vegetables, dairy products or livestock to gain admission!

The theatre boasts a long list of notable alumni.

This gentleman welcomed us into the park with a lively song. The park was full of vendors with handmade art and crafts galore, but we were on the hunt for some food. The Daddy and I each enjoyed a BBQ sandwich plate with crinkle fries and coleslaw. Sweet tea to drink, if you want to know!

For dessert, we enjoyed these itty-bitty cones! They weren't ice cream; they were homemade FUDGE! Ingenious!

This is The Martha Washington, site of the rehearsal dinner. 

Charming iron fence, trolley coming down the way and brick-lined sidewalks. 

After scooting around town, we headed back to Bristol to get ready for the wedding. 

Before you get to see all the decadent florals, I'll share with you the rehearsal at State Street United Methodist. 

Beautiful church. 

Beautiful bride.


Tara G. said...

I love Southern towns- they're so charming!! Have you ever been to Juliette to the Whistle Stop Cafe?

Becca said...

What cool pictures! :-) I love this!

I actually am friends with Courtney and do you know Sarah Emrich too? she's one of my best friends! :-) maybe we have met before!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Beautiful photos and a charming trip, it looks like. :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So romantic and great pics! It's like I was there!
And I'm going to take a goat to see if they'll let me into the Rave down the street. Do you think it would work?