To the Chapel

The rehearsal and ceremony took place at the State Street Methodist Church in Bristol, Virginia. State Street is the very street that divides the city between Virginia and Tennessee.

I asked Tausha if this was her "home church," but she said it wasn't. Her own church wasn't large enough to accommodate the number of guests who would be attending: 350. Whoa.

If you'll recall, Tausha asked me to read scripture in the ceremony. Quite an honor from The One who is usually asked to read scripture. Tausha is eloquent to say the least, a perfect fit with her law degree and former position as a lobbyist for the Tennessee Bankers Association. She's now "retired," but I have a feeling she'll be contributing a bit to the banking world in Jackson!

My favorite thing about the State Street United Methodist Church is the stained glass windows. They are beautiful. 

I love when you can see imperfections in glass, reminding you of a day when things were made with a craftsman's hands v. a computer.

At this time of day, the light flowed in washing the altar with a gorgeous, golden light.

Something about a row of pews ready to be filled...

A few friends, family and the self-proclaimed "Wedding Nazi" surround the Mother of the Bride

The ladies lining up- (you can see where I got to stand and deliver God's Word)

The gentlemen who stood up for Harbert

The  "Wedding Nazi" in her element (She really had a name tag that read "Wedding Nazi," so we're not being mean! The Daddy tried to get a picture, but she wasn't still long enough to get a shot.)

Can you see where the light is shining? That's where I stood blinded by the sun streaming in!

The Happy Couple practicing the recessional

The Matron of Honor and the Best Man

Here I am in the "penalty box" waiting for my moment!

The bride and her father, "Big Ron"

The Pastor explaining that he is taking Tausha's hand from her father as a representative of God and giving her to Harbert. That way, Daddy's not giving her to Harbert, he's giving her back to God. 

Fuzzy picture, but love the expressions! They had just practiced the kiss!

The Mother and Father of the Bride- "Big Ron" donned the sunglasses on more than one occasion to hide the tears of celebrating his ONE and ONLY child's marriage. 

The Carmacks were a picture of grace and hospitality the entire weekend, and the Alexanders outdid themselves at the rehearsal dinner. Held at the Martha Washington Inn in the Grand Ballroom, the crowd of over 100 feasted and celebrated well. I've never see a family, the Alexanders, be so prepared to give toasts than these. They were amazing! Even Harbert's niece and nephew got in on the action, so happy to finally have an aunt! 

Tomorrow, a feast for your eyes! Flowers and greenery like you've never seen!

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