The Big Day

So this is where the evening ended. Let's start at the beginning.

I'm always conflicted about living life behind a lens, living life in order to have something to blog about or SIMPLY ENJOYING MYSELF with no photos to show for it. Last weekend was a perfect mix because The Daddy was able to take a lot of pictures while I enjoyed time with friends. 

So here follows a mix of pictures, NOT including any from the church or ceremony. Left that alone. 

Living life, you know. But there are lots of pics at the reception because we went earlier in the day while the finishing touches were being put on the tables and anything that would stay still!

Oh, and there is a fabulous section of photos taken with the even more fabulous iPhone. 

The reception site was The Bristol Union Railway Station. Can you tell from the sign that it is technically in Virginia? Got these photos from the historical association's website.

The train depot has recently undergone an absolutely fabulous renovation and is now used primarily for events. 

Walking up the stairs, you can see one gathering area out front complete with bar.

Here is the same area, but from the other end (near the bar). Arrangements on EVERY table, potted ferns and AMAZING window boxes. 

Everything was grown for this wedding. Like true Southern ladies, many woke up at 4:00 am to cut greenery from their own yards for Tausha's vision. 

Let me tell you: you could see the LOVE for Tausha in the way everyone went out of her way to make this reception site as beautiful as it did. 
Grapevine, magnolias, boxwood, hydrangeas and other greenery swag generously on all the railings.

Up close of the garland

Still out on the front gathering area

Over a hundred years old, we got to see a train go by at one point during the party. Made you think back to the good ol' days...

Back view of the depot (again, photo from the historical association)

The back of the depot on Tausha's wedding night

See all the ferns hanging in a row ALL THE WAY DOWN?

More window boxes out back and another seating area with another bar-all the greenery really softened up the industrial feeling being right next to the tracks and all the brick.

Close up of table arrangements for the tables out back

The BEST iPhone photo I've ever taken!

A not-so-great photo out back by the tracks during the party, but you get the idea.

Let's go inside!

Tausha greets you at the door. Looks like she's been working out! Look at those guns! (She's gonna kill me for that!)


First of all, the building is gorgeous, but the greens and creams and golds JUST shine in the setting! They really popped off the black bead board walls. 

Remember that arrangement from the bridal tea?

Simple and beautiful!

You know I LOVE hydrangeas! Exhibit A and exhibit B

I mean, have you ever seen such beauty? The light fixtures alone make me drool.

WARNING: More iPhone pictures!

And here we are with a full party going on. You know how it is when you arrive at the reception: 1. People flock to the bar. 2. People pounce on the food. 3. No one has enough courage to dance. Yet.

But there was dancing after the couple arrived:
Please note: even more greenery on the inside window ledges! Gorg!

First Dance: "At Last" by Etta James

There is a little balcony up on one end of the depot. There is an iron railing decorated with MORE gorgeous swags of greenery. On the right side, you can see hanging in each of the windows, there are little grapevine wreaths decorated with greenery. You can also see those light fixtures up close! There is a food buffet down the center of the depot with a HUGE arrangement in the middle. 

The Cake- beyond delicious!

The Groom's Cake- Harbert's a hunter, hence the duck with REAL feathers! Hey look, another arrangement in a beautiful urn!

ONE SHOT of us during the party: iPhone quality!

Outside photo shoot as it began to rain:

Love the cloud line!

The Daddy tried not to interfere with the professional photographer and got a few good shots. 

See the bridesmaid dresses? Loved the color!
Tausha is yelling, "C'mon! It's starting to RAIN!"

Every special occasion merits a photo under the Bristol sign, I hear.

Traffic backing up

Trying to get the jump just right!



And good night!

Lots and lots of memories were made last weekend and new ones are sure to abound. Good luck to Tausha and Harbert as they embark on their most exciting journey yet!

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Lisa said...

Great re-cap! I could have looked at tons and tons more. The hydrangeas were incredible and so was that venue. So much history and now they've made their mark there, too. Love the style and color of the bridesmaid dresses. Makes me want to redo my own wedding that is terribly outdated now...guess I'll have to wait for my girls (I'll gladly wait a LONG time!)