The Week in Review

Since all I've been talking about this week is the wedding The Daddy and I got to go to last weekend, you might be wondering what's been going on.

The girls got haircuts. I got shots. 

This sad one is getting five new teeth. 

She's been a little inconsolable. Unless...

you give her a popsicle, and 
let her sit on Poppy's bed to eat it. Couldn't you just eat those toes?

The Crazy Dog got his new collar!

For the past two days, we've had the most amazing weather. Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. Every five minutes you could look out the window and see something different. So for the last two days, we've been hunting for rainbows. Found one this evening!

I'm off to Nashville BY MYSELF for my 15-year reunion. Not telling what kind of reunion. Just a reunion for being AWESOME! Ha! 

Going to see lots of old friends and I'm looking forward to catching up. On the last 15 years. 

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Tara G. said...

How fun! What a cutie with that Popsicle!