A Major Milestone in a Young Girl's Life

After talking about my BIG PLAN for our summer, I realized I hadn't been making as many creative/not-so-creative outings on Tuesdays as I had originally thought we would. So yesterday we took a trip to the public library for story time and to get AE's first library card. 

The kids sat on a big map of the world. HJ is facing the wrong direction. AE found the first little boy she saw and sat down in the back.

Yet again, not paying attention, but sitting very still while the lady up front waved her arms to some classical music.

More children arrived. You can tell we live in a diverse area of Atlanta.

The group got up for a rendition of "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush," which turned out to be AE's favorite part of our experience.

At one point she fell down because she has my dancing skills. Graceful. Another parent helped her up and danced with her while I held HJ who became afraid of the organized dancing.

Post-book selection JOY

Proudly displaying her new library card

All pictures were taken by the camera on my phone. Who knew it would be such a momentous occasion? Not I.

Did you know that AE can now check out 55 books if she wants? So can I. HJ will have to wait until she turns three. That's a mama-rule. Then I can bring my real camera to document such a MAJOR milestone in a young girl's life.

I have vivid memories of summers spent visiting the library with my brother and mom. My mother definitely encouraged our love of reading. She was always waiting for some book to be turned in or getting on the list for the latest release. I'd sit for hours (to a tween/teen at least) looking up and down the aisles, reading the latest Seventeen and Vogue magazine, enjoying the air conditioning. 

Some of my most-often checked out books:
  • The Baby Sitter's Club series
  • Sweet Valley High series
  • Anything by Beverly Cleary
  • ALL of Judy Blume's books
  • C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia
As a former English teacher, I trust that our summers to come will be filled with trips to check out books and discover new worlds together just like I used to do with my mom.

What were some of your favorite books to check out at the library?


Tara G. said...

You may find this helpful as you plan trips to the library:

I'm home schooling our kids and have been using some of the Sonlight materials- they have some fantastic books I never read as a child. Milly Molly Mandy has been one of my daughter's favorites.

I loved reading the Boxcar Children books, Little House, Little Women and other Alcott books, and anything by Jane Austen.

Lee, Rebecca, and Claire said...

My favorites were almost the same as yours! I loved Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. I also was addicted to the Sweet Valley series. But my all time favorite was To Kill a Mockingbird. I still read it just about every year :)

Lindy said...

Mine were the same as yours! I loved reading. My Aunt Kathy gave me the entrire Ramona set when I was eight years old along with a Ramona doll signed by Beverly Cleary! I still have it!!! My younger girl cousins read the American Girl books about the different girls and I really enjoyed reading those to them. As an adult I am still a reader and was so close to majoring in English as an undergrad.