God's Rules

I mentioned a few reasons why I love the exercise classes at our church a while back. One reason is the art projects and Bible lessons. This Monday, AE's class evidently talked about the 10 Commandments

The teachers asked each child, "What are some rules at your house?" 

And these were AE's answers:

O.K. Both stemming from the arguing and fighting over toys in our house!

Here is a sampling of other "rules" from a few friends' children. No names were used to avoid any further embarrassment. All and any moms implicated in this list should not feel ASHAMED or ANGRY with me for sharing the hilarity!
  • Pick up your toys
  • Mommy says to love God
  • Be fair
  • Mommy says to watch cartoons
  • Mommy says to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A with my friends
What would your children say?


Tara G. said...

You WILL be friends with your brother/sister (they even get the emphasis on the right word.

We have had several conversations around the table about "house rules" and the things they kids come up with are hilarious!

And to the mom who says you must eat at CFA, way to go!!

Family American Style. said...

Thank you for all your kind comments. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. There is something new on Wednesday, Its, “What would your children say?” Wednesday. I hope you can join the fun.