Phriday Photos: The One That Got Away

Last Friday, I saw this beauty for HJ's big girl room.

I went back on Saturday to buy her. 

I was informed ONE HOUR earlier, she had been sold.


The worst part of losing this one:

PLUS an extra 30% OFF that price!

Sadness, I tell you.


Catholic Runner said...


Kelli said...

What a dreadful feeling. But there is consolation in knowing another deal will come along. Maybe even better!!!

Lindy said...

Check out

This lady lives in the Atlanta area and does some really cool stuff at great prices. I bet if you show her a picture of that dresser she can do it at an even better price!

Good luck.

Linda said...

I hate it when that happens, and it happens to all of us frequently. Arghhh! If it is any encouragement to you, I have often found that something even better will come along and I end up being glad I "missed out". Linda