Making Room

Moving means cleaning out time. I've been sitting in our former nursery tonight where HJ's clothes still reside. It is time to clean out her closet and move some of AE's clothes over to the 2-year-old's closet.

I'm moved to tears.

I'm putting away clothes that are size 12 months. News flash: she's 30 months old. OK. No problem.

I'm putting away clothes that are size 18 months. Hmmmm, couldn't she wear these a little longer?

I'm putting away clothes that are size 18-24 months. Oh, dear. Let the crying begin.

My baby is getting older and I don't want to move on yet.

Back when she turned two, I took some time to ponder her growth over the previous year. I even thought, "This isn't too bad; we'll just have another baby soon."

Fast forward four months, when she moved on up to the big girl bed, I marveled at how such a tiny, tiny being stayed in that big, big bed.

NOW...I feel like she is running at a pace where I can't keep up. She's growing out of clothes faster than I can pull them out of the closet.

And I'm left with this:

Is this all that will be left when she's gone?

Then I turned and opened up a dresser drawer finally ready to clean it out.

But wait... these clothes are big. These clothes are the next ones to come. These clothes have been hiding in a drawer which I was too afraid to open.

I didn't want to have to put anything else away. I was afraid to find more evidence of my baby gone.

These new clothes are a gift, and I just had to put the others away to be ready to receive the new ones.

How often do we hold on to what is dear to us when God has something bigger waiting for us in the wings? Do we have to let go before we can receive a bigger gift?

Sometimes we just have to put it away to find out what is next. What fits.

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
May the name of the Lord be praised."


{ jamie } said...

Beautiful post. I think we do that often, that holding on to things when God has something bigger & better planned. Thanks for sharing. :)

Tara G. said...

You are a gem! So true.