A Few More Details....

The hardest part about all of this is separating emotion from the practicality of what we NEED. I want a HOME. I don't want to move again any time soon. I want a HOME.

Can we be patient? Can we agree? We'll see.
This is what the streets look like in our favorite neighborhood, brick-lined and the oaks are dripping with Spanish moss. I love the shade. I love the historic feel. I love that a lake borders a third of the neighborhood. I love that it is near downtown without being close to any of the negatives of downtown. I love that the schools are A-rated and within walking distance.

I LOVE #3:
and we met with a contractor yesterday over there to find out the possibilities of finishing the upstairs to add a bathroom and large bedroom with a playroom for the girls. He's meeting with an architect sometime soon to make some plans and tell us how much it would cost. We also discussed tearing down the garage and rebuilding one with a guest suite over it.

The look on the contractor's face was classic while we were discussing all that we wanted to do. He said he liked the project and it's more FUN when they are more challenging. Either that or he was seeing $$$$$$$$$$$$!

Remember what I said about one house being cute, but the next needing TLC?

This is house #5. Cute.

THIS house is located next to #5. Not cute.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, reminds me of our honey moon in Costa Rica.

The paint is NOT part of the Halloween decoration, though it IS very scary!

Next week while the girls are in school, I'm going to drive around and take pictures of all the Halloween decorations. It is AMAZING. So many houses have huge displays. Scary displays. Cute and festive displays. I've heard Christmas time is even bigger and better!

Just another thing that's different about living in Florida, but I like it!


Janelle said...

So exciting for you!! I was getting on to "vote" after seeing you FB status. I love # 3, but the space would scare me--AWESOME if you can get the space situated!! I love old homes too...we had one before here and will never (I say now..) buy new again. Love the streets, soooo beautiful and quaint. Have fun! Can't wait to hear the final decision!!!

{ jamie } said...

I am in LOVE with #3, and just told Ken that I want a house JUST LIKE THAT!

Kelli said...

Praying for God's guidance in choosing the right home for your family!! It will get better!!!

Lori said...

Okay, channeling as much Suzy as I can at the moment :) LOVE LOVE LOVE #3 (it's one we looked at right? p.s. where is the other that is around the corner?)but are the renovations too much ($$/time), speaking from experience it is no fun to be living through renos 3-4 years after you move in and you want to make sure you have enough room, it is so small... but still LOVE IT! #1, LOVE the look of this one too, not sure condos and helicopters bother me, pool might, but then again you ARE in FLA so pool is nice :) #4, this one looks like it has the feel of the older ones but is new, which is nice, easy, cute and nice ammenities, further tho might not be good. #2, not worth it for the look of the house and the work you need to put into it, plus further away. #5, was considering until saw the next door house.. even tho you don't want to move, you have to think of resale and do you really want to be looking at that for 15-20 years?? Praying for wisdome on your choices, don't rush it, sounds like all is well in the temp housing and preschool/MMO.. enjoy this time of closeness and TJMAXX around the corner :) Miss you!

Tara G. said...

Oh. my. word. That paint job is, um, festive?! Wow. #3 is cute, too!

Stacie said...

Well that paint job does put a damper on #5 but you are in Florida and some people choose to paint their house bright festive colors. So you could look at it as a Florida thing and not a tacky thing (just trying to make it a positive). I still think you could make #5 your own. #3 is amazing and adorable. All those renovations you explained could come with a big price tag and a lot of time, so that's something you and Chad will have to really consider.