Ballerina, Ballerina, Twirl Around

Since it's been almost a month since the ballerina birthday party, I figured you would like to see some pictures.

My two delicate flowers:

The centerpiece:
(just an empty white box on the cake stand that can be reused, over and over and over, again!)

The 4-year-old and her daddy:

Paw-paw with his angels (classic HJ):

Mema, Paw-paw and the girls:

My dad, Poppy with HJ:

Papa with the girls:

A birthday kiss from Nana:

How many pictures of me with the girls? ZERO. Gotta work on that!

Opening presents, classic AE, throwing the paper back behind her:

Awesome Volunteer bag from Annie! Go Vols!

A little something from Lauren:

Awwwww. Little sis got you something!

Here you go!

WAIT, maybe I like this.

Yes, I think I'll take it back.

Now how many ballerinas fit in a hula hoop?

Thank you, Claire!

WOW! Nana got me a jewelry box complete with a little ballerina!
Love the body language and awe in her stance!

A present from Brodie and Dylan: hair salon kit complete with scissors!
Don't take too much off!


The cake:

The cake complete with its own tutu!

There she blows!

Four layers of glorious goodness from a box!

Our dear friend Mary Alice:

Game time!

Tippy-toe musical chairs:

Took a while to get going, but some of the kids really caught on!

Then we played "Ballerina, ballerina, Twirl Around":
Great arabesque, Mary Alice!

Ballerina, ballerina, take a bow!

Lauren leading the crowd:

Ballerina, ballerina, strike a pose!

The favors:
Paula Deen's sugar cookies cut into ballerinas and the number "4".

HJ in front of the tutus for each girl to take home:
Those tutus were so easy to make! (and inexpensive!)

Happy Birthday, my big girl!
You can see the purple sashes I made for our few boy-friends who came to the party. I didn't want them to not have something to take home, so I made a sash a-la Prince Charming. Didn't go over so well. Maybe I should have made a Daddy-sized one and made The Daddy wear it to make it look cool. Maybe not. They just got the cookies, which I'm sure was enough for a boy. Even if they were wrapped in cellophane, frosted in pink icing and tied with pink tulle!

I can't believe this was a month ago. Still trying to decide if we're going to sign AE up for ballet classes here in Florida. I KNOW she would LOVE it, but it is from 3-4:30 on Tuesdays after pre-school. Still trying to decide. Only one spot left. Still trying to decide.


Beth said...

Get that last spot, it's so worth it!!!!!

traci527 said...

Would you mind sharing how you made the tutu's? I love the satan bow with it. Thanks! Traci

Holly said...

What an awesome looking party! I love that you made tutus! :D

Slices of Beauty... said...

Adorable little tots!
And the cake, so lovely.

Kari Beth said...

what a great party!!!!

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