Keep Trying, Keep Trying, Don't Give Up, Never Give Up

Anyone recognize those lyrics from a popular kids' show?

Did I tell you that my FAVORITE house (#3, below) is out of the picture? Seems that the floor joists would need to be taller, eliminating the precious head room one needs to be able to stand up in a room. THUS, the attic conversion can not happen. My heart is broken.
Goodbye for now, sweet home sweet home! I'll see you in 20 years when my babies have flown the nest!

The other homes have been eliminated because of small backyards, ugly paint next door and a desire to NOT be house-poor.

I should have another crop soon.

We looked at more houses today, and tomorrow we're going back to one we saw today. This 1950s rancher would need a half-bath changed into a full in order for it to work for us. We're meeting with the contractor and seeing a few others in the same area. Will it be our new home?
Check back after this commercial break! (That means tomorrow, folks.)

Also, if you recognize the lyrics in the title, YOU COULD BE A MOM LIKE ME!


Stacie said...

Yo Gabba Gabba. I think you should dress up like DJ Lance Rock for Halloween. Sorry your favorite home didn't work out. Looking forward to reading more about your next crop of potential homes.

Lori said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So sad, I would have visited you every weekend in that other house :) (okay, maybe it's best you didn't get it :). Can't wait to see more! Don't give up, that's for sure... we looked at about 30 houses before seeing this house, LAST! Definitely a God thang considering neighbors, church, etc.

Ann said...

Sorry to hear about the house. Something better is in the works. God tends to leave the best for last =)