Ghosts, Spiders and Spiderman? (oh, my!)

Today we're on theme!

Don't you just want to make over this house?
Love the New Orleans feel and the sweet ghosts swinging in the breeze.

Anyone up for a seance?
The pumpkin witch flag nullifies any spookiness here.

And now one of the most popular themes here this year:
Big Spiders.

Even Bigger Spiders:

Spider Webs:

Spooky Webs:

Spiders taking over!

Even this house (on the market for a mere $1,795,000!) is not immune to the GIANT SPIDER ATTACK:
(took this shot through open car window, moving, I'm driving--not bad)

Cute little bungalow!
Great landscaping, but I spy something with my Spidey-sense!


But the absolute best spider house, I saved for last:
Seriously BIG spiders. Great webs.

And look at that!
She caught something in her web!

Creepy. Creepy. (Pretty door and sidelights!)

And someone else was hanging out at the same house:
The balcony over the garage was infested too!

Don't these guys look like they're up to NO GOOD?

Tomorrow's another themed day: graveyards!


Lou Lou said...

I do not like the giant spiders, they really give me the creeps. I do like the ghost circle. That is really spooky. I am really enjoying seeing what houses look like down there. My only vision of Orlando is Disney.

Carrie said...

Wow! I had no idea the giant spiders were so popular. Yikes. If the house boasting the spider web with something caught in it is on the for sale list you have, I think I might drive so creepy!

The DG Family said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, my children and I enjoyed them! They are thinking we should go scary vs cute next year :)