A Victorian Halloween

Look at this pretty, pretty house!

It overlooks a beautiful lake in our area, but wait! What? What IS that?

Come a little closer...

Closer, still... Whoa!
(Love the sweet bicycle on the porch! Can't tell if the cobwebs are real or faux!)

Kind of a formal hat, dude!

And closer...

Holy cow! That's some crazy, bloody mess!

Back away. Slowly. Slowly.

Ah. Pretty again.

Don't you think the "needs a new roof" makes this one seriously spooky?

More houses tomorrow! Spiders and ghosts and tombstones, oh my!

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Liz@Violet Posy said...

What an utterly amazing house! Thanks so much for joining the Halloween Blog Party! Happy Halloween!! x

Tara G. said...

Too bad that one isn't for sale, huh?

Living It At Home said...

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself!

Your family is adorable and I love your header picture. You are very blessed. Keep up the good work-Mom!

I too love houses, especially around this time of year. I also want to drive around my neighborhood in the Boston suburbs and take photo's. Wasn't sure if I had to get their permission and erase address on photo. Anyway, loved looking at the houses in your area. It was fun.


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love it! How much fun!! Very spooky with all the blood and such! Eewww!